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Strategic Management

Learn how to build sustainable competitive advantage

  • Starts Sep 11
  • 975 Arubaanse gulden
  • EC&T Training Facility, Newtonstraat 1-A

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Course Outline: This comprehensive course in Strategic Management is tailored for higher management professionals seeking to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of modern business environments. Strategic Management is crucial for organizations aiming not only to survive but thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape. Learning Objectives: 1. Understanding Strategic Thinking: Explore the foundations of strategic thinking and develop a mindset that aligns with long-term organizational goals. Understand the importance of anticipating changes in the business environment and formulating proactive strategies. 2. Building a Solid Strategic Framework: Delve into theoretical frameworks and models for strategic management, focusing on the development of a robust strategic framework. Learn how to align organizational resources, capabilities, and core competencies to create a sustainable competitive advantage. 3. Competitive Positioning and Industry Analysis: Analyze the competitive landscape and industry dynamics to identify opportunities and threats. Learn to assess the positioning of the organization within its industry and develop strategies to gain a competitive edge. 4. Strategic Implementation and Execution: Explore the critical aspects of translating strategic plans into actionable initiatives. Understand the importance of effective execution and organizational alignment. Examine best practices for overcoming implementation challenges. 5. Innovation and Adaptability: Investigate the role of innovation in strategic management and explore how organizations can foster a culture of continuous adaptation. Understand how strategic agility contributes to maintaining competitiveness in rapidly changing markets. 6. Risk Management and Contingency Planning: Examine strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in strategic decision-making. Learn how to incorporate contingency planning to enhance organizational resilience. Target Audience: * Senior and Executive Management * Decision-Makers and Strategists * Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Methodology: This course blends theoretical concepts with practical applications through in-depth case analyses. Real-world case studies will be used to illustrate strategic challenges and successes, allowing participants to apply theoretical frameworks to actual business scenarios. Examination: Final Exam

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Erasmus Consulting & Training, Newtonstraat, Oranjestad, Aruba

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