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Operations Management

Learn to manage processes and deliver quality products and services

  • Starts Apr 16
  • 895 Arubaanse gulden
  • EC&T Training Facility, Newtonstraat 1-A

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Course Outline Operations Management delves into the essential aspects of managing critical resources to optimize production processes and service delivery within organizational frameworks. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the systematic approach and control required to transform various inputs such as human resources, facilities, materials, and information systems into high-quality finished goods and services. Students will explore the core wealth creation processes of businesses, enabling them to enhance productivity and quality while effectively achieving organizational missions. This module entails the complete course (previously known as Operations Management I & II). Course Objectives By the end of the course, participants will be able to: 1. Define the scope of operations management and its significance in organizational functioning. 2. Illustrate the pivotal role of operations management and strategy across diverse organizational types. 3. Construct a comprehensive understanding of the input-transformation-output process model. 4. Analyze the performance objectives of operations and elucidate the internal and external benefits associated with excelling in each objective. 5. Demonstrate understanding of process design principles and apply process mapping techniques to develop efficient processes. 6. Interpret capacity planning principles and explore alternative strategies for managing demand fluctuations. 7. Explore the activities involved in supply chain management and their significance in operations optimization. 8. Emphasize the importance of continuous improvement in operations management and apply relevant improvement techniques effectively. 9. Describe the concept of risk management, including the assessment of causes and consequences of failure, and implement preventive and mitigative measures to minimize risks. Target Audience Operations, supply chain and logistics professionals, in particular those at operational, supervisory and management level and anyone interested in learning more about operations management. Key Topics The key topics covered in the course are: * Introduction to operations management * The input-transformation-out process * Process hierarchy * Operations performance objectives * Operations strategy * Process design * Process mapping * The design of products and services * Supply chain management and logistics * Quality improvement * Risk management Examination * Written exam

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